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Help On Stopping Smoking-Nicotine Gum

Health And Fitness : Alternative Health

Nicotinell Fruit Gum Extra Strength.

Well as most of you have now noticed I have given up the evil weed YES! I'm on my 3rd week and sooo happy.
I don't think I could have done it without the nicotine gum though.

Let me tell you a little about the gum first:

I picked the fruit flavored gum because for some strange reason the mint flavor seems to fade quicker for me. And I tend to associate mint with ciggies as I always had a piece of gum after a ciggie to get rid of my stinky breath.

The gum itself comes in chick let form (that is small rectangular pieces of gum, for those who do not know what a chick let is) and they advise when you first give up the weed to eat on average up to 8 pieces a day.

On reading the box and leaflet it says that if you have a ciggie first thing in the morning before food you are better with the extra strength 4mg nicotine level. And also if you smoke in the region of 20 plus a day.
I was the get up grab a fag and a coffee and grunt kinda person so thought I was best with the 4mg.

So what I find works best is to have half a piece of gum until you get used to the strong nicotine taste then you can try a full piece. I have found the strong nicotine flavor tends to make you gag a little at first but as you get used to it this stops.

The other reason I say eat only half is that most of us can't eat gum at work for various reasons so a small half chick let can be stored in the side of your mouth easier that a big lump of gum.
The way it works is you chew the gum when you need a ciggie in return this releases the nicotine into your mouth, to be absorbed into your gums and cheek.
When the taste becomes strong you then place the gum to the side of your mouth between your cheek and gum until you feel the need for more.

If you do not smoke over 20 a day, or do not smoke early in the morning, I would advise the lesser nicotine level of 2mg.

Now another point is not to drink or eat anything with the gum in your mouth, and please do not eat it ! I am one of those gum swallowers's and I got a yucky tummy from swallowing this stuff.
Also eating or drinking while taking this reduces the effect.

Do not smoke whilst using the gum -this was cause overdose of nicotine and will make you quite sick.
Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding
Avoid if you have had heart disease or stroke (check with your doctor before use)
If you are diabetic (check with your doctor before use.)

This list is extensive so please read the leaflet inside the box as I don't want to bore you with a huge list. Or better still speak to your doctor before you even start as he/she may suggest a better or cheaper way for you to stop smoking, there are lots of help lines and groups you can attend through your doctor.

>Some side affects that do fade are:

Bitter taste
Sore throat
Feeling sick
Indigestion or heartburn

If you do experience any of these I would advise seeing a doctor if they persist more than a few days.

>Some extra tips for giving up smoking:

I cut up carrot and celery sticks to roughly the size of a ciggie and kept them in the fridge every time I felt the need to smoke I would munch on one of these.
Keep them in the fridge so that you have to get up and this uses up the time that you would normally smoke. This also helps with putting on the pounds when you stop smoking.
I have actually lost weight since I stopped smoking and have returned to just eating normally.
I found I only needed the carrot sticks the first week to get out of the habit of holding the ciggie.

>Benefits I have found in 3 weeks of not smoking:

I can smell everything much better
I can taste things much better and enjoy my food.
My skin is cleaner and brighter looking and my dark circles under my eyes have faded.
My breath does not stink any more.
My clothes do not stink.
I do not wheeze when I lie down in bed at night.
I have more energy.
And best of all I save ?140.00 plus a month on not smoking!!

>Where to get the gum:

I have found the best place to buy the gum is in Superdrug at the moment as they have a buy two for ?7.00 offer on at the moment.
It's normal price is ?5.67 for a pack of 24 pieces. You can also buy it in most pharmacies and Boots and Asda. You can also buy it in larger boxes not 100% sure of the cost.

Well thanks for reading I promise I will not put that evil weed next to my gabby gob again. And I also promise not to become one of those moaning Non smokers either.

Well I'm on 2 months and 3 weeks of being a non smoker so looks like the gum has worked so far. My one wee concern is that i'm still using the gum.
People who smoke tend to have addictive personalities so i'm a bit worried i'll get addicted to this gum instead.
So going to try and wean myself off this gum hopefully it won't prove to be too hard will keep this review updated with my progress. 04/01/2006

Thx for reading
Also on Ciao.

By: Margaret Edwardson

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