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How To Help Your Marriage Last The Distance

Relationships : Marriage

Making a marriage last the distance can seem very hard in this day and age, and for that reason some people decide to just co-habit for life and not take the ultimate step, as it is seen.

However many people do marry, and no-one gets married with the thought that they are going to divorce - everyone wants their marriage to last forever. Yet an increasing number of marriages do, sadly, end in divorce or separation of some kind between the two partners of the marriage.

Making a marriage work requires hard work.

And above all it requires communication from both parties to the marriage - that's probably one of the key things.

The majority of problems in relationships according to marriage counsellors comes from this one thing - the two partners stop talking to each other and sharing and expressing their feelings.

And when that happens comes the trouble.

In a recent survey, these counsellors listed their top tip for helping a marriage to last, and that was almost certainly communication, coupled with respect, care and showing affection.

The other thing that was high up the list was continuing physical affection such as kissing and cuddling as you get older - when this goes the two of you can start to drift apart too, so make sure that you keep that element of your relationship up too for a marriage that lasts the distance - good luck!

By: Stephanie

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