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Help Your Primary School Child Learn Their Spellings

Education : English

Spelling - it is something that, sadly, seems a bit of a dying art!

With more and more people communicating through text messages if they ever write down anything at all, then less and less people these days seem to know how to spell words correctly.

Of course good spelling starts early which is why it is important that children learn the basics and learn the importance of spelling words correctly at a young age.

Reader Laura has this great tip for you on how to help your primary age children learn their spellings:

Buy (from ELC) a tub of magnetic letters (6).

When they bring home their weekly spelling sheet, sit them in front of the fridge with the box of letters and make them find all the letters they need for their words and then place them on the fridge.

Each morning, mess the words up and get the child to re-do them after school.

Great game and works a treat.

By: Stephen

More learn to spell advice

Spelling, this word is pure torture to all students but when you know how to use it its simple. for example all of you try to spell identification let me guess you copied from my example... well break it down into 2-3 words and make it like this iden-tifi-cation. thats easier but when you master spelling it does come in handy trust me.

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