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How To Hold A Violin


Tune the violin to begin with, ideally using a piano. Hold the instrument in your lap for support. Pluck the strings with your thumb to hear the pitch, and adjust accordingly.

Your left hand should be placed round the bottom of the fingerboard. The black plastic chin rest fits under your chin, but you should give yourself extra support with a shoulder rest which can be purchased from any good music shop.
As a beginner, if you do not want to pay for one immediately, you can improvise with a clean duster by attaching it with an elastic band to the underside of the violin, where it rests on your shoulder.

The violin must rest on your left shoulder and your left hand holds it in place.

By: Thomas Powell on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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A shoulder-rest is not necessary. It's a matter of choice- I know what I'm talking about =] I'm 13, had grade8 violin distinction, played with the Nat.Children's Orchestra of Great Britain etcetc, I use one, my sister, also done the above, does not.

The ONLY reason why I use one is because I have an extroadinarily long neck...

In fact, it's probably better not to use one to begin with, as it encourages you to grip the violin with your shoulder, instead of letting it rest in the hand, which is vital for shifting to different possitions.



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