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Home Working Tips: Create Your Own Office

Business : Home Working

One thing you must do to work successfully from home is to create some distinct separation of work life and your home life.

Otherwise you may be tempted for the two to merge and that can spell disaster: it could mean you think that doing your work watching TV is acceptable (no - that was school homework!) or you might go the other way and think it's fine to check your business email and do work all evening as you are at home (no - you need a break too!)

Therefore make sure you separate work from home. Have one room that is your office, or area of a room, and whenever you step in there you are at work officially, and when you aren't there - then you aren't at work.

This works very well, and ideally a separate room is the best thing to use as an office.

If you need the extra discipline, you can even put a sign up on the door with your logo saying it is your offices - psychologically this makes that separation a little deeper and will help you ensure that you don't end up blurring into part-work part-home all the time.

By: Job Expert

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