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How To Host A Swap Party


A swap party is a great excuse to have a big clear out of all the clothes you never wear and get some new ones for free.

The idea is that you invite as many friends as possible, and get them to bring all their unwanted clothes. Hang everything up in your living room and then get everyone to try on and choose some different outfits. Make sure you have at least 2 friends who are the same sizes as each other otherwise one may be left out.

Give everyone plenty of notice and time to clear out their wardrobes. Make sure all the items are in good condition too. Get a good idea of number by reminding people a week before and getting them to confirm their attendance.

Put out some snacks and drinks and choose some music for the night. Ask your guests to arrive 30 mins before you intend to begin swapping.

Keep a bedroom free where people can get changed into their new outfits and make sure it has a full length mirror in.

By: Danielle

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