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Household Items That Should Be Replaced Often

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There are some household items which should be replaced on a regular basis.

Your toothbrush should be replaced when it is worn out, otherwise it will not clean your teeth properly, and may even damage your gums. Plus they harbour bacteria, so its best to have a fresh one every three months or so.

Razor blades should also be changed regularly, for example if they are blunt then it may cut your skin or not shave properly. If it starts to irritate your skin then you will know when to replace it.

Experts suggest changing your running shoes every 350 Ė 550 miles so that they arenít worn out and still protect your feet properly. Check that the cushioning still holds in the high impact area on the heel, and if not then buy a new pair.

A third of a personís life is spent in bed, so make sure you change your bedding on a weekly basis, and get your pillows and duvet cleaned professionally every few months. Replace your mattress every few years, about 10 maximum.

By: Danielle

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