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How Food Swapping Can Massively Reduce Your Calories

Health And Fitness : Toning Your Body

Food swapping is the process whereby you eat the same types of food, but with a different product you can often save vast amounts of calories into the process.

And now there is no reason not to - with supermarkets and large grocery stores now having labelling that is clearer than ever, you can see at a glance the calorific content of what you decide to put in your mouth.

For instance, if you have the full fat lasagne ready meal for a snack one day a week that comes in at 800 calories, simply swapping for the low fat version in a supermarket can take it down to around HALF the number of calories, and you might not even taste the difference.

And if you have snacks, and can't go without a chocolate bar once in a while, then you don't need to bin it - just swap it. Rather than a really fatty and calorific chocolate bar that might come in at 250 - 300 calories, there are lots of then that are much less and are around the 100 - 125 calorie mark, so simply swap for one of those instead.

By: Stacy

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