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How Much Does A Gap Year Cost

Travel : Gap Years

There is no hard and fast answer to this other than the truthful 'it depends on what you do'.

If you decide to sit at home and do nothing (not advised!) then the costs are minimal.

If you decide to go travelling, trekking, exploring or adventuring, then it can cost a small fortune.

The average spend is said to be around the 4,000 mark for someone in the 18 - 24 age group.

So you will need to have some money to finance it on average as can be seen.

Therefore most will need to work to get the money, often through part time work such as at supermarkets and so forth in order to get the cash you need to finance the activities.

There are also the opportunities of fundraising by doing sponsored events or simply flogging your unwanted items on auction sites and so on.

By: Stacy

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