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Hyperactivity Continued

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Confer With the Teacher.
If the attention problems occurs only at school, then there must be a teacher problem. Keep an ear out. If your child likes school, but refuses to go, get this checked out.
There is a reason for it. Arrange a conference with the teacher, and then discuss as possible solution.

Arrange For a hearing Check.
If your child is inattentive and easily distracted, but not overactive or impulsive consider having his hearing checked.
It is possible that all the information he?s hearing, isn?t reaching his brain effectively.

Check Out Home Stresses.
If you see distractibility, overactivity, and impulsiveness in your child- maybe you?re going through a divorce, separation or other troublesome times, you need to get your child to express his feelings about them.
Try and do some nit ? picking when alone. Get him to open up. These things can bring on temporary mis - behavior.

Try to incorporate different things in your child?s life. For instance novelty, variety, color and excitement. If the child has interest appeal, his attention will be longer.

Turn The Desk.
A child not so easily distracted, from an open room, or window, will focus on homework and other tasks more easier, and for longer periods. So turn the desk facing a wall.

Being A Nuisance.
Always pay attention to the behavior you do like.
Ignore your child when his behavior is something you don?t like- but can tolerate.

Be Consistent.
Parents need to set up, and stick to schedules, and routines. Ex- the same supper time nightly, same time to watch t. v, do homework, take baths, go to bed, playing, chores etc . If the rules are to be broken, be sure an let your child know ahead of time. Children with problems often do better, with schedules, and routines.

Studies indicate that Gamma Amino Butyric Acid decreases hyperactivity, as well as the tendency towards violence, epilepsy, mental retardation, and learning disabilities.

Various factors have been linked to hyperactivity including heredity, smoking during pregnancy, oxygen deprivation at birth, environmental pollutants, lead poisoning, and prenatal trauma. A low protein diet may even be a contributing factor.

Symptoms include head knocking, lack of concentration, disturbing other children, self destructiveness, tantrums, impatience, quick frustration and ability to sit.(even at mealtime), clumsiness, sleep disturbances, and failure in school, even if the I Q is normal. Not all symptoms are present in each child.

Hyperactivity is primarily a problem of childhood, adults can be hyper to.

Valerian root Extract has a calming effect. Mix according to age on the label.
This root is good for nervousness, headaches, stress, anxiety, convulsions, muscle cramps and spasms, improves circulation, acts as a sedative, insomnia, gas, colic, and pain.
The roots and rhizomes are used it this root. A very beneficial herb.

Studies indicate that Gamma Amino Butyric Acid decreases hyperactivity, as well as the tendency towards violence, epilepsy, mental retardation, and learning disabilities.
Gaba can be taken to calm the body the same way a valium, or or Librium, or other tranquilizers without the fear of addiction. Gaba is being recommended in place of many drugs. Gaba functions as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system by decreasing neuron activity.

A diet is also recommended.

By: Bev

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