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Hyperventilation: How To Cope

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The cause of this is often stress of some kind, for instance a fear. However asthmatics and some other conditions can also cause this, so ensure this is not the case - if so then different treatment may be required depending on the reason.

If the hyperventilation is through a stress of some kind, then try to get the person to sit down calmly, and talk to them in a kind and considerate manner. The key is to remain calm yourself and not start to panic; if you act normally then this can help to calm them down.

Get them to focus on their breathing, having ensured if something physical has been causing the stress to have removed them from that situation.

Focus on breathing through counting controlled, measured breathes. Sometimes sadly you will not seem to be able to help those with a particularly acute attack, and after eight to ten minutes, call for medical help if you cannot relieve the symptoms.

By: Stephen

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