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Icebreaker: My Life

Business : Icebreakers

This one is best used for a group of people meeting each other for the first time, example: a training course.

One of the best ways to get people to know each other without the tiresome round-the-room intro's is to get them to tell My Life story.

- give each person some flipchart paper

- fold in half then again to make a 'book'

- on the front cover, write the name of a film or a song as the title

- inside cover: write the following:

where you were born, your first job, and how long you have been working for your company

- next page: draw a picture of your family

- back cover: write your career goals and ambitions: where do you see yourself in ten years? What would you like to achieve?

Once this is done (give them ten minutes), ask each member to spend 2 -3 minutes telling their life story to the group.

It's a great way to get people to know each other in a new group.

You can clearly adapt the tasks and what they write for any particular situation.

By: Stephen

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