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Icebreakers - The Hot Seat

Business : Icebreakers

A great icebreaker which builds confidence and allows the team to get to know each other is the hot seat game.

When the team are all together in a room, get each member one by one to take a turn sitting on the hot seat.

Whilst the team member has taken their seat on the hot sear, the rest of them team must ask them a string of different and random questions. These questions could be work related but they can be relaxed too. You could ask them 'If they went out on the weekend' if so 'How many drinks did they have'.

The game is not meant to be an interrogation, it is meant to be fun and relaxed, and will bring the team together, you could even have a set of questions already made up to ask the team members, of it can just be a quick fire set of questions from everyone. It is important not to intimidate whoever is on the seat, but to make them feel relaxed, the point is not to make them feel worse, it should just be fun and engaging. Don't force anyone up there and don't force inappropriate questions at them.

If there are a lot of team members to get round you can ask each person less questions, aim for about 5. If there is a smaller group you could get away with a few more questions, it depends on how much time you want to take on the game as a whole.

By: Jade

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