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How To Improve Your English

Education : English

Most kids at school fall to peer pressure and speak some bizarre corrupted slang version of English with the 'in' phrases of the day.

However, do not let this mask the real need to develop a detailed understanding of english, and the benefits this can bring both to your thinking and the ideas you can express.

After all, we 'think' our ideas in language. The more words we more, the more likely we are to be able to express our thoughts accurately.

To improve vocabulary:
- sign up to "Word a day" emails (search word a day on Google), these are free services

- speak to people of different ages. You'll find lots of new words come out.

- keep a log of words that are new, look them up, and write down the definition

- reading is a great way to learn more words

- watch the news, read the paper, and pick up phrases or words you don't know, again note them down and write the definition

By: Chris

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Reading the paper doesn't mean just any old paper either. You'll need to read something that stretches your vocabulary. Try the Times and Telegraph and read articles, not just news items.Best of all,read books!

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Questions about english vocabulary:

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- Mon, Apr 5th 2010

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