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How To Improve Your Eyesight - Without Glasses

Health And Fitness : Alternative Health

Lots of research has been done into techniques that can help you improve your eyesight - naturally. Here are two such techniques:

(1) Palming: this involves resting the eyes in darkness by covering them with the palms of your hands. Without exerting pressure on the eyeball, slightly cup the palms over each eye, with no light. Let the eye relax like this for ten minutes a day, or several times a day. Helping the eye relax like this is invaluable.

(2) Colour days: each day pick out a different colour to focus on - e.g. make your mind aware of yellow, and let that colour come to you. Try and identify the colour wherever it occurs - e.g. view the tennis ball as yellow, as opposed to 'the tennis ball'

By: Stef on Fri, Sep 5th 2003

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