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How To Improve Your Job Skills

Career : Career Development

One of the best ways to improve your skills in the office is to become a people watcher... and learn from them, of course.

Start to notice people's interactions.

Notice confident people, shy people, successful people who are high flyers and the good old jobs-worth.

Actually analyse how they interact with others - the mistakes they make, the things they do well - the characteristics.

You can learn a lot from watching others: then identifying elements of what they do and your own behaviour.

What do they do that you'd like to do? Practice it... did you see any annoying traits in them that you have... then try to minimise it.

By actively noticing how others act and what they do - and the impact this has on others - you can better see how the way you interact with others affects them, and what you can do to change and develop for the better.

By: Fred

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