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How To Improve Your Performance In Meetings

Career : Career Development

The meeting situation is more and more common in companies these days, yet whilst many will focus on developing skills in other areas, many do not work on meeting skills.

Apart from experience, this means that they often perform no better in meetings years after joining a company than when they first started!

So what can you do to improve your meeting skills?

Well, one key skill is to talk a little slower in meetings than in normal speech - this is so that the others around the table or in the venue can digest what you are saying, and catch what you are saying.

Also pause more frequently.

Practice on concentrating for long periods of time on what is being said.

Also ensure that the meeting stays on track and doesn't drift off topic - too many meetings talk about something irrelevant to the meeting for half the time of that meeting!

At the end of the meeting, be sure that you hone in on the next steps - what is to happen as a result of the meeting, and ensure that everyone knows what actions, if any, they are to perform as a result of that meeting.

By: Job Expert

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