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Increase Profits With Bonus Extras

Business : Profits

Never understimate the power of offering a free added bonus to your product to impact on sales and your bottom line.

You just have to look around the history of advertising and sales and offers in stores to see how effective special offers and bonuses must be for sales, because the reality is they are still used, in fact perhaps more than ever. This suggests one thing - these offers are effective.

Of course some consumers are more affected by extras than others and some are slightly cynical about them, but nevertheless in the main it cannot be denied that a good offer can increase your sales markedly and increase your profits, just so long as you structure the offer so it is good for you and your consumer.

For instance free extras that some value highly like a warranty or a servicing contract on goods can really make them more attractive to people to buy, particularly those who are more risk averse and like to take out these insurance methods.

As long as you work out carefully what the impact of the offer will be on your bottom line and are OK with it, then go ahead and use special offers and bonuses to increase your sales.

By: Fred

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