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Insurance Tips: Update Your Insurer If Change Occurs

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One aspect that can trip up many making claims on insurance is a lack of information that they have provided to the insurer.

Typically at the time of setting up the policy everything was right, but then circumstances have changed since then and the insurer has not been told - and some of these facts may impact on the claim.

For instance if you lived alone at the time of taking out the policy, but have now taking in a lodger or two, then this is the sourt of thing that you should notify to the insurer.

Similarly with any other additions to the family, for instance cats or dogs.

Finally when making claims always stick to the facts and keep things simple - if it is clear that you are being factual and not inflating any of your claims then things are much more likely to proceed smoothly, and you should never ever try to claim for something to which you do not feel you are genuinely entitled.

By: Fred

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