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Kakuro: Solving Harder Puzzles

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You can solve simpler kakuro puzzles simply by elimination: armed with your combination look-up tables, you can often just read off the possible combinations and work out what goes where in your head.

Kakuro Solving Technique

With harder puzzles though, you should try to narrow down the options first in order to reach your desired solution.

Print out a copy of your combination tables. Then, for each number you are stuck on after the first run through, highlight the potential combinations on your look up table that are left. For instance, if the total of one row is 12 and you are unsure of the answer, then eliminate the combinations you know are NOT the answer.

Use pencilmarks in kakuro

When you have just a couple of options, use pencilmarks in the cells: thus if you know a number is either 3 or 4, write them in.

This will make it easier to work out the actual combinations. Again, through elimination and 'what if's' you should now be able to arrive at a solution!

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By: Dan

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