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How To Keep Cholesterol Under Control

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Doc says:

Get it under control, and live longer.

When you walk by a classroom filled with children, a hustling with a bustle of activity. You think boy they?ve got to be nice an healthy. The truth is some of these children, are already on their way to developing heart disease. Otherwise know as Coronary Artery Disease.

Studies have shown that 25 out of every 100 have borderline, High levels of blood cholesterol. The goo that helps make artery clogging plaque. These are usually the kids with a high fat diet, and lack of exercise. When your child is two years, it?s time to start watching their diet. Until age two the children do need more fat. Child hood is the time to develop patterns for your kids, that will last a life time. Stop killing your kids with kindness.

Toss Your Kids Out The Door.
Excessive t.v. watching is linked to high cholesterol. No more than 2 hours a day. Kids need to do some form of aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week. Children need to exercise 20 minutes or longer, which shouldn?t be difficult for active kids.
Any sport where those arms and legs are constantly in motion is good. Bicycling, walking, swimming, and running are all good.

Parents Give Low Fat Dairy Choices.
Start limiting butter, margarine, whole milk, sour cream, and ice cream. Whenever possible use no fat , or low fat substitutes.
Many of the children in an experiment, like cottage cheese, and yogurt.

Forget the chips and cheese curls. Low fat pretzels, graham crackers are much better.
Lunch time avoid bologna, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Turkey , low fat cheese, and chicken instead.

Switch Gradually.
We don?t want rebellious kids. So make changes gradually. Go from whole milk down to 2 % , then on to 1 % etc. Do the same with high fat snacks, and lunch meats.

Supply Plenty Of Produce.
Take your child shopping with you. Let him pick out the fruits and vegetables , he likes. He?s apt to eat them better. These kinds of foods are great disease fighters to.

Fiber Is Another Cholesterol Fighter.
Try putting some beans in some chili.
Kids have a problem with eating legumes by themselves. So try putting some in chili.
Or make some baked beans. Even the picky ones, can be tempted.

Monitor Your Meat.
Fish is a wonderful source of low fat protein. Peanut butter sandwiches pack a lot of protein. Do not need meat at every meal.
But there are low fat meats out there. Just choose lean cuts, such as sirloin, tenderloin, flank, Pork tenderloin and some hams are low in fat.and round. To help you locate these low fat meats, look for the words loin, or round.

Watch The School Lunches.
Some of these lunches are notoriously high in fat and salt. Jump in the car go , visit the cafeteria. Check out the menu for a few days. If it doesn?t look healthy
, pack their lunches.

School lunches.
Pack that lunch box with some of these healthy choices. Fruit, or dried fruit, yougurt, popcorn, or pretzels, celery sticks, graham crackers, vanilla wafers, fig bars, ginger snaps, low fat cheeses, lean ham, natural peanut butter, chicken or turkey sandwiches, bagels and low fat muffins. Once in the while you can put in some chips, or sugared cookies, or a soda. Something with sugar,and fat.

Parents Get With It.
You can not expect your kids to exercise, and eat lower fat foods. When your pigging out on sodas ,and hamburgers, and becoming a slacker. No sneaking it either. Set a good example, and your kids will be more likely to follow.

DON?T Go Overboard.
No one said to cut out all sweets, and fat. You're just going to limit them.

By: Bev

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