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How To Keep Clean At A Festival


So festivals can be dirty, sweaty and muddy, but here are some tips to keeping as clean as possible.

Obviously make sure you keep your camp area tidy by throwing away litter properly, and making sure the tent is free from rubbish and muddy shoes.

Keep smokers away from your tent and ensure cigarette ends are disposed of adequately.

Wear wellies and rain macs if its really wet and muddy to avoid getting your clothes too dirty. Obviously bring several changes of clothes so you can change when needed. You may want to bring wet wipes or a bottle of water and some showergel to have a quick wipe down or wash.

Its a good idea to bring deodorant and some body spray just in case. As for keeping your hair clean, maybe tie it back or use a dry shampoo if showers arent available. You could use some hair spray to keep it smelling fresh.

You could bring some alcohol hand gel as well, and its a good idea to bring your own toilet roll as they always run out.

By: Danielle

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