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How To Keep Score In Tennis

Sport : Tennis

Like many sports, tennis has a rather confusing scoring system.

Both players start at 0 - 0, pronounced love all.

The first point won is 15, hence 15 - 0. Then 30. Then 40. If both players get to 40, it is 40 - 40, or deuce. At this stage, the winner of the next point gets to 'Advantage'. If they win the next point, they win the game. If not, they go back to deuce and the sequence repeats until a player wins two points in a row from deuce.

If a player at 40 - 30, 40 - 25, or 40 - 0 wins the next point, then they win the game. In each set, a player needs to get to 6 games, and often a match is the best of three sets.

By: Dan on Tue, Apr 26th 2005

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