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How To Keep Skin Clear

Beauty : Skincare

Hello. I think we all know the phrases that we screech at mum's when we wake up and discover a spot , "Mum, look! I have a spot, help me, Mum!" or something along those lines. My remedies do not rely on my mom, the following are of what I rely on:

i reccommend-
1. Clean & Clear Exfoliating DAILY WASH. Apply to wet skin and leave for five minutes, then rinse thoroughly, leaving skin feeling tingly and cleansed. It has micro-beads which unblock pores throughout daily washes.
2. Put a blob of toothpaste on the spot before you go to bed and it will dry it out and fall off during the night!
3. Nose Strips available at the Chemist. You stick them with the sticky side on your skin, leave for a few minutes, then peel of gently, the dirt peeling off with it. (removes blackheads)
4. Drink lots of water - 2 litres a day
5. Clean & Clear Duel Action MOISTURISER. It keeps skin very smooth and soft and prevents future blemishes.

;) i will post further articles.

By: Mas

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