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How To Keep The Home Tidy

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Keeping the home tidy can be tricky, but with a plan it is easy.

Best of all is to use the short sharp focus method.

This method of cleaning the home is simple to learn but really good once implemented.

All you do is set aside fifteen minute concentrated slots of time.

During those slots you must do nothing but focus on one area of a room of the house.

For instance, it might be cleaning the kitchen cupboards.

You dedicated fifteen minutes to getting everything done in that area that you want to do, and make sure there are no distractions.

Then once it is all sorted during that fifteen minutes that should keep it in a good state of repair as it were until a few months down the line.

Go round the house over the course of a couple of weeks with dedicated fifteen minute cleaning sessions to each area of the house.

It is amazing how concentrating time on a certain part can be so effective and save the daunting bi-annual clean which leaves you stressed and exhausted at the end, small and often wins the race as they say!

By: Stephanie

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