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Kitchen Helpers

Food And Drink : Great Food Tips

Store your flour in the freezer to prevent eggs from hatching. Insects and bugs set up residence, when the grain is warehoused during transit., or even in your home.

Beware when purchasing rye bread. Really read that label. Most rye bread contains white flour. Very little rye. So make sure the label says Whole Rye Flour.

Good quality white bread will read unbleached flour, not flour, or white flour.

Never place hot pans next to each other.
Hot air needs to circulate and not be blocked.

Never place yeast in a bowl, and pour water on it. The yeast is easily damaged and the weight of the falling water can harm too many of the yeasties.

Always store dry yeast in the refrigerator. But then allow it to warm to room temperature before using.

The best way of cooling hot bread, is to place it on a wire rack. This will allow air to circulate around the bread.

Before purchasing those little bread sticks, read the directions. They may contain up to 40% fat.

When making biscuits, never over work the dough. They will become tough

Try substituting buttermilk in a muffin recipe for the lightest muffins ever.

Now if you want soft biscuits, brush them with milk or melted unsalted butter.Place them in a pan so they touch each other.

When buying white bread look for the word enriched. This is the best. Many do not.

Never use compressed fresh yeast in a bread baking machine. Always dry yeast.

By: Bev

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