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Leadership Skills: Questioning And Perception

Career : Leadership

A good boss will keep their eye on the ball at all times. You get paid more to do things such as keep your eye on the ball at all times.

Don't just let staff get on with it and then address any issues or disasters at the end of the project. Rather monitor what they do. Clearly the more experienced and more trust you have in your employees the more you can leave them to get on with it, but never take your eye off the ball completely as then things can go wrong and your own boss will wonder why no one realised until it was potentially too late what was going on.

Therefore always question and ask questions about what is going on. Look for ways to improve processes or opportunities and you will really be earning your worth. If you can come up with resolutions to problems and spot issues before they become serious, you will be worth your weight in gold.

By: Job Expert

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