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Leadership Techniques: Perspectives Inform Decisions

Career : Leadership

Most of us have a natural way in which we tend to make decisions. For some of us we sit down coolly and analytically and decide based on the facts of a case.

Others will be quite emotional or moral with their decision making and have a stance on what is the right or wrong thing to do and come down on that side, whether or not in fact from a purely business perspective what they decide is best.

Others will try to juggle everything together, whilst others still will look at just one thing: the bottom line profit likely to result from each action.

To be a really good leader you need to take into account all of these elements - look at a subject from each of these points of view and you will often find you would reach a slightly different conclusion from each viewpoint.

Bearing that in mind, you then need to decide which of these out-ranks the others, and it may vary from project to project and depending on your company history and ethos.

It is not an easy process, but if you can learn to do it well then it really can help with your decision making.

By: Fred

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