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How To Learn Basic Rowing Strokes

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To begin, your back should be facing the direction of travel, ie the front of the boat. Your legs should be bent at the knees and the oar should be in the water, but with the blade at right angles to the water's surface.

To give the oar some power, you have to execute a movement which involves uses your legs to give most of the power. When your legs are extended completely, you lean back and raise your arms to your chest. Take the blade of the oar out of the water in a downwards pushing motion, and as the blade comes out of the water turn it round so that it is flat.

Return to your sitting position again with your knees back up and push your arms in front of you. This is called "recovery". As you move into this position, you have to turn the blade of the oar so that it is at right angles to the water again, and not parallel.
Then you push the oar upwards using your arms, pushing the blade back into the water and making sure it is perpendicular to the water's surface again. You are now back to the position in which you began and ready to start driving again.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sat, May 4th 2002

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