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How To Learn Darts Score Combinations

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If you have watched darts on TV, then you will know that they score and work out all the totals very quickly.

This purely comes with habit and practice, so that's the first tip - play often enough and you will learn the combinations of scores.

When you are starting off, what can you do to help out?

Well, assuming that you stick to the 20s ok, then you will need to take the odd numbers off at some stage. So, when you get down to below 200 try hitting a 19 or treble 19 ideally to take off the odd numbers and leave an even number so that you can go out (clearly all doubles must be even numbers!)

Try to aim for nice combinations, for instance what is known as shanghai on a number, of treble, single, double.

Shanghai starts at the score of 120, which is treble, single, double 20 (six twenties). To find all other shanghais, simply take off 6 as you go down.

Thus, 114 is shanghai on the 19s. Try to aim for these sort of shots if you can, because they are easier to hit as you have two chances at the treble, and as you stay on the same number you aren't getting disrupted and moving throw and focus all over the board.

By: Stephen

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