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How To Learn Scrabble Words

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One of the hardest things about playing scrabble at a decent level is learning all those bizarre - but really useful - two and three letter words that can turn you from being a good player into a real champion.

The problem is, now to learn those combinations of letters as they are often quite obscure, with words like qat, and dzo and so-on... even pH!

Well, try the approach of trying to split into small chunks - ten words a day. Write them down on paper and learn them, then cover the paper and try to repeat the list.

Ensure that you do this until you have those ten words committed to memory. Then continue the next day with another ten words.

You should mark words by the letter they begin with, and some people like to draw images or tell a small story to connect the words together to help them stick in their mind.

By: Stephen

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