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How To Learn To Be Assertive At Work

Career : Workplace Issues

Being assertive at work is something that either comes naturally or doesn't to most of us. That much is true.

If you are naturally subservient at work, you may almost feel jealous of the new employee who comes in and within a few weeks seems to have more control of your boss than you do, in terms of their ability to manage their workload and not get set unreasonable tasks.

That means they probably have natural assertiveness so the boss knows that if he or she goes to overload that employee, something will be said.

Good news is, that you can learn to be more assertive at work with your boss. If it doesn't come naturally and there is an issue that you need to discuss with your boss, then rehearse in your mind what you want to say first.

That way when it comes to delivery you know exactly what it is that you ened to get out, and can say it.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with saying you are busy when you are, in fact you should actually say so!

By: Job Expert

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