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How To Learn To Sing


First record yourself singing, then play it back. If you think you are good enough then ask opinions of your friends and get them to be honest. Be prepared for any criticism though and dont get yourself down about it.

If they agree you are good, then book some singing lessons with a vocal coach. Check their qualifications and ask recommendations from people you know as well.

Practise your breathing techniques in order to prevent hyperventilation. Remember if this happens, use a brown bag to control it.

Correct any mistakes you think you're making by practising over and over again. Sing from your stomach not your throat, and be careful not to sound too beathy, nasal or screachy. Get the tone just right! Put your hand on your stomach and stand up straight with your shoulders back so you get your posture right and this will also help you to project your voice and give it a nicer sound.

Research songs that suit your style of voice and work out which ones compliment your sound the most.

By: Danielle

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