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How To Learn To Touchtype

Computing : Software

The best way to learn anything is slowly and with patience over time and with touch typing the same is true.

That said you need to go on a course if you want to get up to speed quickly.

Try first of all typing quickly as you can looking at the letters. Try to learn the gaps and relative locations of the letters as you do so.

Then gradually try to type some letters without looking at the keyboard, and build up from there.

Use touch to help, for instance the small mark on the home keys of 'F' and 'J' - ever noticed those small marks on them before - can help you work out where your fingers are.

Start around the central location and learn the relative finger moves required to move out from those letters to the surrounding keys and you should find that you can really start to touch type and therefore improve your typing skills, the speed with which you do things, and your general efficiency in and around the office.

By: Fred

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