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How To Learn To Walk Like A Model


Models have that very distinctive walk, and when they get it right it looks great. For those who try to copy it can look quite silly if done wrong. So how to walk like a model?

The first thing to practice is just walking in high heels - many women naturally lean forward slightly when wearing heels - don't do it. Practice standing up bolt straight whilst wearing the highest heels that you have.

Then get a video of a fashion show - they are always shown on TV, so video it.

Watch how the models move. Then play back the video and emulate the walk. Get a friend to point out what you are doing well and what you could improve.

With practice of the model walk you will get it down to a tee and have that sassy model walk ready when you need it.

By: Stephanie

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Models walk leading with their hips and there shoulders back and back slightly slanted to the back. They walk with their feet in a streight line. they take long strides when they walk and they lift their feet up more than they do when walking normally. (dont go showing off your model walk before you've practiced it infront of a mirror and you have it down.)

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