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How To Lessen Pain

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We have all suffered pain, at one time or another.

Doc says:

Pain is a way the body is, telling you something is wrong.
A message alert to fix it. Unfortunately it can?t repair itself.
Disease, injury, and strenuous activity, may cause pain in the affected body part, signaling that damage has been incurred.

It also signals you to rest the injured area, so the tissues can be repaired, and so that additional damage can be prevented.

Pain motivates you to seek treatment as well.

Some people are born with a rare neurological disorder , that makes them insensitive to pain. They do not experience pain when they incur various injuries such as burns, cuts, and fractures, or if they bite their tongue.
These people are unaware of their pain, they cannot prevent damage, or seek fast treatment.

Pain can result from a combination of physical and mental problems.

Some people can tolerate pain better than others.

Many headaches are caused by sinus congestion. Applying pressure to specific areas of the head can open up the sinuses and ease tension. Rub the area surrounding the bones just above and below the eyes, and massage the cheeks directly in line with these points. Hang the head down to facilitate sinus drainage. Applying heat to the sinuses is also beneficial.
Ben Gay and Icy Hot analgesics are counterirritants that stimulate the blood flow to the affected area. These medications can also provide relief for pain.

Over the counter drugs that can relieve pain include those that contain acetaminophen, Advil, Mediprin, and Nuprin are some of these products.
There are also herbs that will lessen pain. Such as Black Kohosh, Catnip, Chamomile, Chaparral , and Comfrey to name a few.


By: Bev

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