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How To Let Down A Partner Who Is Too Keen

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Sometimes relationships are equal on both sides, but this is quite rare. In most relationships, one partner is much keener than the other.

This is often fine as they soon tone it down, but with some people they do not tone it down and in fact get more intense almost pestering you to see them when you have long decided that you do not want to anymore, but don't want to let them down.

There are a couple of possible options here. One is that you simply ignore them totally, which after a while may blow over, but it can also lead to a confrontation.

Therefore the best method is through calm communication. Tell them that you enjoyed what you had but aren't looking for a relationship at the moment. Make sure you are very persistent and stick to your guns, even if they get upset or even annoyed - ensure that you stay with that line and do now weaken over the coming weeks.

Eventually they should accept your decision and then move on with their own life themselves. Don't be afraid with regard to hurting their feelings, as they are hurting yours by being very persistent!

By: Stephanie

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