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How To Load A Dishwasher

Cleaning : Kitchen Cleaning

Some people can be a bit haphazard when loading the dishwasher and this carelessness results in items getting chipped or broken completely. Sometimes they also come out half washed which rather defeats the purpose of having a dishwasher in the first place!

You don't need to scrape the plate of every last crumb but do remove leftover pieces of food before placing in the dishwasher. If you persist in putting in dishes with food left on them, the debris will gather in the draining mechanism and cause problems. Large plates and bowls go on the bottom.

Items with food encrusted to them like casserole dishes or pots you should place face down in the bottom rack. Make sure the handles don't stop the sprayer from rotating though. The bottom drawer should also be used for baking trays and other large items.

The top rack is for smaller and more fragile items. Glasses should always be placed in the prongs because otherwise they might crash into each other with the force of the water and smash. Mugs can go in the top too.

As for cutlery this should be placed in the special basket. Knives should be placed with the handles facing upwards for safety reasons. Finally always check that the sprayer can move round easily and is not hitting off an item in the bottom rack.

By: Bev on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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