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How To Look After Your Christmas Tree


If you buy a live Christmas tree, then there is a good deal you can do to ensure that it gets through the season unscathed, and still has at least most of its needles intact!

When you bring it home, the first thing to do is to ensure that you leave in a cool place until you are ready to take it indoors.

Round the back of the house or in the garage are ideal. Try to only bring indoors when necessary, as they will not tend to last for more than a couple of weeks in total.

When you bring the tree inside, ensure that there is a saucer or container (often the stand) that can contain water.

Ensure that you check the water level every day or two, and add more water to the base as necessary.

Also place it sensibly - if it right next to the radiator, then the tree will not last too long. As a general rule try to keep the room with the tree quite cool.

Remember that decorations such as lights give out heat, which warm up the tree. Therefore always switch lights off at night - this saves you some electricity, too!

By: Stephen

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