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Look And Act Like Your Favourite Celebrity

Beauty : Celebrity Look

First thing is first celebs don't have pimples or zits so make sure you drink plenty water and get a lot of sleep to help them.

Excercise at least 4 times a week.

Work on a tan dont bake instead get a fake one and buy a fake tanner. You can get moisturisers with tanning agents in them now adays which are a lot better and more natural looking and you don't get streaks.

Brush your hair a lot. Celebs have that silky smooth hair that everyone loves. Don't use gel and all that, just use hairspray, that's all they use (that's why their hair never looks oily and greasy).

Use a whitening toothpaste around 3 times a day and soon you'll have that hollywood smile!

Get your hair dyed the same colour as your favourite celebrity

Talk the talk adopt their accent but don't sound silly

Shop shop shop spend the money you have

What is your celeb famous for try it out and do what they do!

Remember their is only one of that celebrity you may look and act like them but remember you aren't them! You never will be anyone but yourself...

By: Marianne

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