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How To Look Cute In Photos


If you want to look cute and appealing in photos, which you may want to do with some sorts of modelling, then here are some tips:

concentrate on eye make up that draws attention to the eyes and make them look bigger

Have nice bright eye whites so stare very slightly at the camera when photo is taken, but not so much that it is noticeable and you look scary!

Wear your hair in bunches, and wear girlie colours - again this helps with you looking cute.

Give a nice smile but not too pouty or showy.

Wear clothes that actually keep you covered up - if you don't wear much then that will take the eye away and it is hard to look cute and innocent when you barely have any clothes on!

By: Sasha

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Questions about cute picture:

i have a piercing on my face could i still be a model...
- Sun, Jan 6th 2008

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