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How To Look Stylish

Beauty : Beauty Tips For Men

One of the things men can find hardest to do is to look stylish!

However, this is nothing that a little care and attention cannot resolve. Key tips:

- keep to plain, dark colours (Every guy looks good in black tie!)

- try to wear a smart look; when people try the rugged, unshaved look it goes wrong for too many goes

- you can't be too groomed (well, within reason, but definitely better than undergroomed)

- a nice smell can go a long way (don't skim on the aftershave)

- if you wear jewellery, make sure you can pull it off: looks a bit forced or unnatural on some men

- it's all about attitude; wear your clothes with confidence and you can pull off most looks; feel uncomfortable or apologetic in your outfit and that's how others might feel about you too!

By: Stephanie

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