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How To Lose Weight

Health And Fitness : Dieting Tips

To lose weight, you need to follow a certain type of diet.

Anti Candida Diet

Follow what is known as an anti-candida diet (this means that you consume no wheat, dairy, alcohol or sugar products in your diet at all).

I'm a sports scientist and was very scepticle about this weight loss diet but in 2 weeks I have lost 7lbs (you should only be able to lose 2lbs per week according to studies).

Summary: if you really want to lose weight get down to the library and read up on the anti-candida diet (I do crave chocolate and beer!)

By: Mike Chandler on Sat, Nov 30th 2002

More weight loss advice

Drink plenty of green tea it speeds up your metabilisom! don't skip breakfast, it's true it is the most important meal of the day!! cut down of fizzy drinks and bread they only bloat you and are empty calories!! excersice even if if it's only walking for an hour a day, every little helps!! if you can't change what you eat!! then eat smaller portions!! and snack on fruit and nut's!! imagine your self slimmer and keep that image with you!! buy a size smaller pair of jean's and work to reach the target of getting into them!! it worked for me i hope it can work for you too!!

Also, an important thing is to have a full breakfast!

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