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How To Lose Weight And Get In Shape

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Let?s all get into shape

Doc says.
At this very moment half of all American adults are on a diet. Millions more eagerly burning up calories with aerobic exercises, walking, running, or wearing out rowing machines, or stair climbers.

Well we all know even with all the trips to the gym, the stubborn pounds want to stay around, as long as your dead beat relatives on vacation.

Those pounds won?t take a hint, and leave. Wishing won?t do the trick either,
But other methods will.


Eat Beans Several Times A Week.
If you keep beans in your diet, you will lose weight. You will also lose it faster. They are low if fat and calories. They give you a feeling of fullness. They can last up to four hours longer than a meal. The fuller you are, the less you will eat.

Drink More Water.
Water is very effective in losing weight.
Drink a glass every time you feel hungry.
It will help take the edge off of cravings.
Often these cravings are for fluids.
A glass before dinner, will help you eat less.

Exercise Around Your Meals.
A moderate exercise after a meal, will use the just consumed calories, instead of storing them.

Make Breakfast You Biggest Meal.
You burn calories faster, and more completely one hour after you wake up, than any other time of the day. So eat a big meal before 9 A. M. every day. Even if you?re not accustomed to eating a sizeable breakfast.

Don?t Rush A Meal.
People who eat fast, often get hungry again soon. If you take longer to complete a meal you?ll feel fuller, and stay felling fuller for a long time. It?s also easier to digest your food, when you take longer to eat.

Seek Out Pleasures.
Many people think they want food, when they really want pleasure, comfort, or relief from boredom. So get moving and find an alternative. You don?t need to turn in the direction of food.

Colors Make Us eat More.
Toss a coffee brown table cloth on your table. This will help suppress your appetite.
The colors of orange, yellow and red, will help stimulate your appetite, and make you over eat. This is the reason restaurants, and fast food chains use these.


By: Bev

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