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How To Make A Car Journey Bearable

Relationships : Family Holidays

We've all been there - five minutes into the epic drive across the country or between ten states you hear a little voice piping up in the back seat.

Little voice says 'are we there yet'

Answer: no.

OK the first time, but the hundredth time in a few hours? Not so good.

All this means that you should really come up with some ways of entertaining people on the car journey.

Now for older children this could just be their music player and perhaps even a book too to keep them occupied.

Younger children will need interactive games to keep their attention, so a great little tip is to get some of those eye-spy books where they must look for certain things - like particular road signs, cars or even wildlife like certain birds or animals.

If you don't have those, another good game is to see who can come up with the largest list of car colours they see or keep a tally and find out which colour of car is the most popular on the road.

By: Stephanie

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