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How To Make A Tiny Room Seem Bigger

DIY : Decorating

If you have a small room in your house, then you need to use decorating to make it look bigger.

Here are two simple tips that are great and can really work to help you make the most of the space particularly when it comes to selling and not having the room seen as something of a negative or too small.

The first tip is to use a thinly striped vertical pattern on the wall. The way that this takes the eye creates the illusion of there being more space in the room, therefore helping achieve your aim of making it seem bigger.

The second tip is used and beloved of restaurants and other venues throughout the land - good use of mirrors.

A well placed mirror on the wall will flood the place with more light and give the impression of a much airier and larger room.

Use these two tips well and you can make almost any room seem to have reasonable space!

By: Fred

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