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How To Make A Twinkling Mobile

DIY : Decorating

Make a twinkling mobile for the garden or for Christmas.

Save up several of the promotional cd's which we all get sent in the post or which can be picked up from stores and magazines.

Glue each pair back to back with the silvery side outwards.

Attach fishing line or similar to each pair and hang them from trees to catch the sun or from the ceiling or window frames at Christmas.

By: Tina Carter on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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I made several of these as I am very much into mobiles. My friend told me about them. When I made them I tried using both Super Glue and a glue gun to keep the CDs together but after hanging for about a week, they fell apart. My friend used fishing line to link them together, but I thought that this looked messy. Any ideas? ().

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