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How To Make A Website Logo

Computing : Web Sites

If you want to make a logo for your website, then you might be tempted to pay someone else to do this for you.

However this should never be necessary. Why? Because when you look at them, most logos are actually very simple.

Have a think about major brands you know - many of them will have a logo that is simply their name in a particular colour.

Therefore you can create your own logo simply by using styled next in the name of your website using even the most basic graphics package.

You might like to try adding a gradient fill across the element, or changing the colour for each letter.

You can also apply simple effects, for instance you might like to try dropping a shadow behind to add a little depth and gravitas.

You can create an attractive logo in minutes and without not much effort - and that should be more than enough for most personal sites.

By: Stephen

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