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How To Make An Advent Calendar


For a memorable present yourself, consider making a personalised advent calendar.

It's easy to do and great to open year after year - and appreciate the fruits of your labour!

All you need to do is get a piece of white card.

Then, draw on 24 small squares, and decorate each one with a message or scene of your choice.

Then place another piece of card on top, and mark out where each square is on the card.

Then design the front of the card - create any image you want, ignoring the marks for the doors at the moment.

Once you are happy with the top of your card, cut along three sides of the areas you have marked out to create mini doors that fold out.

Then, place strong glue around the outside of the bottom piece of card. Line up the top piece in place, and press hard.

And there you have it - your calendar!

By: Stephen

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