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How To Make An Omelette

Food And Drink : Starters

When you first try to cook an omelette, it can be tricky because the cooking is very quick and so it may take a few tries before you get the knack. To cook a basic one, all you need is 2 eggs, margarine to grease the pan, a tablespoon of water and a pinch of salt. Place these ingredients in a bowl and beat with a fork until you have a frothy mixture. Grease the pan and heat on medium to high until it is sizzling, then pour the mixture into the pan and allow it to set on the bottom. This just takes a few seconds so you have to be quick!

As the eggs begin to set, use a spatula to push the edges of the egg mixture in. Keep doing this all along the edge and let the spatula actually touch the bottom of the pan by sliding it right under the mixture. When the whole egg mixture looks set, take the pan off the heat and fold the omelette in half before sliding onto a plate.

This is just a basic omelette so if you want to fill it then you should put a small amount of the filling right before it is done, but do not overfill or else it won't fold over properly. Popular fillings are cheese, mushrooms or other vegetables.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sun, Apr 21st 2002

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